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Since The J Maker appeared on the Internet, lots of Java users and developers have enjoyed using the programs free for non-commercial use or with a small fee. Here are sample statistics from 2006 and 2007:

Month Total Hits Chart
2006 Jul 306,264
2006 Aug 267,313
2006 Sep 317,064
2006 Oct 389,721
2006 Nov 383,606
2006 Dec 394,767
2007 Jan 416,104
2007 Feb 362,409
2007 Mar 478,773
2007 Apr 408,645
2007 May 395,377
2007 Jun 291,454

Because of TJM's new presence on the web, sponsors are always welcome (ads, donations, etc) to keep this site operational. TJM strongly believes that sponsors and TJM itself can benefit from the partnership as it grows. It would also be TJM's pleasure to help promote your products in a way and of course, TJM would really appreciate whoever helps the site grow.

In case you are somewhat interested or intrigued, please feel free to contact TJM for suggested rates. TJM generally accepts ad banner size (1) column 120x60 or (2) top 468x60 and file size preferrably under 10K.

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