Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Limitations for unregistered software:
    Our software applications are more like shareware you see in the market. That is - if a registration fee isn't paid to us, copyright message will appear and only a portion of the software's functionalities are available. After paying for the registration, software will become fully functional without the floating copyright message. Please purchase throught the Purchase page here.

  2. Software for CD or book inclusion or website listing:
    You will need to contact us through the Contact page here.

  3. Our refund policy:
    Like most other software products, these prices in U.S. dollars are final and non-refundable at the time you purchase and they are subject to change at our discretion. You have already been given the opportunity to download and evaluate the software, so we assume you buy the software because you are happy with the results. Another reason is that - since there are so many ways to duplicate software products, it is impossible for us to justify if the copyright rule is violated by the customers.

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