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[Software]: SlideBySlideFX

[Version]: 2011.09.18

[Description]: This is a Microsoft Windows-based screen saver. It takes input pictures and provides handy controls over a slide show with many transition effects.

[Sample Effects]:

[Download]: Download and uncompress the file SlideBySlideFX.zip with archiving utility, e.g. WinZip.

[Installation]: Click on setup.bat and follow the screen instructions to install. To add or delete pictures used in the slide show, simply click on the Settings button in the screen saver dialog and click on Add... and Delete buttons to customize.

[Differences between Registered and Unregistered Verisons]:
* Unregistered version only supports up to 2 images
* Unregistered version only supports up to 5 effects
* Unregistered version displays copyright message at the bottom of the screen

[Possible Future Updates]:
* Add effect preview to configuration dialog
* Add individual effect control to each image
* Add audio support

[Known Issues]:
* Screen may or may not display any images after running the software for a long time (many hours).