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liu (version: 2002.02.28)

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JQuest 1999 winner's logo [Award]: This applet was the second place cash award winner of the ACM / IBM 1999 Quest for Java Programming Contest. Click here to read the interview at ACM's Contest site

[Description]: Most of the ideas in LIU are inspired from general image processing, computer vision and graphics books, and from commercial packages like PhotoShop, PhotoVision, XV, Image Magick, GIMP, etc. Some of the algorithms are my own inventions, especially in the category, "Special Effect". Programs can be run either individually or invoked from the main menu. They can start as applications or applets. While executed as an applet, it will not be able to save the results due to Java's security reasons and the "data" subprogram will not function properly. Reading multiple local and URL images is supported.

[Parameters]: Too many parameters are to be listed here. For programmers, please check out the availablity of LIU' API version called IX (Image Xform). You can add the powerful imaging functionalities to your applications.

[Tips]: Although I would suggest you download the package and try it on your machine, you can also see it here by click "LIU Launcher" on the left if you do not mind the the long wait. In fact, I also prepare static examples for all subprograms. You can download them as well in the next section. Suppose you do run the program on the web, it will be cached on your hard drive the first time and should run at a reasonable speed later on.

[Installation Guide]: Be sure to read our FAQ 1 about license agreement before you use this program. Download and uncompress the program files and examples, liu.zip under your web directory. These are the ways to use this package:
1 --- (recommended) Start the menu for the entire package with "java -jar liu.jar"
  • Select "ripple" from "Program" menu
  • Enter "x1.gif" in input file list
  • Enter "y1.gif" in output file list
  • Click on "run" button
    2 --- Start "liu" as an applet by "appletviewer liu.html" or through the LIU launcher in a web browser (again, it will not save your result and subprogram "data" will not run)
    P.S. --- General mouse actions on an image include clicking (coordinates), dragging (frames and vectors), and match-clicking (correspondences).
    P.S. --- Supply your input filenames with URLs if necessary, e.g. http://www.nowhere.com/test.gif

    [Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • liu.html - this file
  • liutm.gif - LIU logo
  • liu.jar - it contains LIU*.class (library classes), liu.class (starting application), liuapplet.class (staring applet), liu*.class (used by main menu "liu"), GIF*.class (GIF encoder), other *.class (individual programs).
  • liu*.gif - LIU program images
  • x*.gif x*.jpg - test images
  • Overall Statistics:
  • This Java package contains 90+ image programs with 24300+ lines of code and the entire package is about 1MB.