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  1. What is your license agreement? Can I use these programs for free?
    You can only use these programs with limitations if a small registration fee is not paid to us. Once the registration fee is paid, the floating copyright sign will not show up and you will not be automatically transferred to The J Maker site by our software's timer. Find out how to pay in the Pricing Plans section or send us an e-mail.
    Please consider that - lots of our efforts have been made to these programs on numerous weekends while you are probably enjoying a wonderful meal on a nice beach with your dream date. So, pay me, man (or woman)!!! :-)
    Note: We never claim our software is free because we work hard to get compensated, not just to let other web sites generate revenue by listing our software for advertisement profit.

  2. How do I install the program at my web site?
    For each program you download, it contains a file with HTML extension. For example, SlidingPuzzle.zip has the file SlidingPuzzle.html in it. If it comes with an online configurator, then you can use it for easier installation. Otherwise, open SlidingPuzzle.html with a text editor (NotePad, WordPad, etc). Copy the code segment between <applet> and </applet> and insert it into your own HTML file. Also upload those software files (usually with .jar extension), images (.gif or .jpg) or setup files (usually .txt) into your web directory in BINARY MODE. Here is what it looks like in SlidingPuzzle.html. The code segment you need is in green:

    <applet code=SlidingPuzzle.class archive=SlidingPuzzle.jar width=300 height=300>
    <param name=regcode value="99999999">
    <param name=loading value="1">

  3. How do I get a registration code? How do I insert it into the program? When does it expire? Does it work on only one web site? Does it work on later versions? Can I make it available to anyone else?
    First of all, make sure you have the latest version of the program if it is not downloaded from The J Maker site. For example, if you need the SlidingPuzzle program, its most recent version is then at http://www.thejmaker.com/SlidingPuzzle/SlidingPuzzle.html.

    You need to register the program in our Pricing page. Once www.PayPal.com (sorry, we no longer use www.RegSoft.com and other services since Feb, 2004) handling our online transactions can verify your information, we will get an email notice from them. Then you will receive registration codes directly from us through e-mail. Please note we do not send out CDs. Usually, you can get the codes within hours.

    To insert the code, check out the code in green from the previous question. It has one line that reads:

    <param name=regcode value="99999999">

    Replace the dummy registration code 99999999 in green with the real code sent to you from The J Maker and you are all set. Save the file onto SlidingPuzzle.html. The updated version will disable the floating copyright sign and automatic transfer to The J Maker site after some preset minutes.

    Depending on the license types specified at the pricing page, the registration code may work at a sinlge domain or multiple domains, and may be restricted on resale / distribution rights.
    If we make major software updates in the future, we may also change the encryption approach for registration, so keep in mind the code does not necessarily work on later releases. Download the software immediately or at least within three months. After three months, if we do have newer versions, very often you will be asked to register again.

  4. Why am I still seeing the copyright notice after inserting the registration code?
    Your program could be picking up the old version in your browser cache. When you visit the same site over a short period, your web browser will save files onto your hard drive to speed up the loading for next time. (because it loads directly from your local hard drive!) To make sure your program is using the updated version with the correct registration code, please try to clean up the cache first by: (1) (Internet Explorer) Tools + Internet Options + Clear History and Delete Files + Check the box "Delete all offline content" + OK , (2) (Netscape Communicator) Edit + Preferences + Advanced + Cache + Clear Memory Cache and Clear Disk Cache.

    You can also try a simpler approach in IE - refreshing the page by holding down the Ctrl key and pressing the "Refresh" button. If none of the above work, feel free to send TJM e-mail regarding the problem.

  5. How to put software, images, audio files, data files, etc in separate folders?
    This is really a general Java applet question where you can find an answer by doing a web search. We'll again use the "SlidingPuzzle" example. Assume we have put the software under the "sw" folder, audio files under the "media" folder, and all the images under "img" folder. Here is what it looks like in the modified SlidingPuzzle.html. We only list lines of our interest and mark changes in green.

    <applet code=SlidingPuzzle.class archive=SlidingPuzzle.jar width=380 height=280 codebase="http://www.thejmaker.com/sw/" >
    <param name=photo value="http://www.thejmaker.com/img/SlidingPuzzle.jpg" >
    <param name=titleimage value="http://www.thejmaker.com/img/SlidingPuzzle_banner.gif" >
    <param name=winfile value="http://www.thejmaker.com/media/SlidingPuzzle1.au" >
    <param name=movefile value="http://www.thejmaker.com/media/SlidingPuzzle2.au" >

  6. What is your refund policy?
    Like most other software products, these prices in U.S. dollars are final and non-refundable at the time you purchase and they are subject to change at our discretion. You have already been given the opportunity to download and evaluate the fully working software, so we assume you buy the software because you are happy with the results. Another reason is that - since there are so many ways to duplicate software products, it is impossible for us to justify if the copyright rule is violated by the customers.

  7. Can you modify programs to fit my need? How do I propose custom work?
    We assume you have already paid for our program but it does not exactly perform the way you prefer. Well, if it is just a minor modification, TJM may consider doing that without extra charge, but there is no guarantee we will do that unless you have our written consent. Otherwise, a custom task can be worked out between us.

    Please give TJM a rough idea about the work and also your budget. TJM will get back to you with estimated hours and cost. Please note we usually charge USD $50 and up per hour. If we do agree upon a proposal, at least 50% non-refundable advance payment needs to be paid first. You can count on TJM -- always beat the deadline.

  8. Can you tell me how to write these programs or answer my Java questions?
    Imagine this: if some other people are making $100 an hour for consulting, you probably should not expect to get your answers here for free. :) I myself have been trained in over 20 graduate courses in computer science in the United States with 6 being graphics- and image-related. (i.e. Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Image Synthesis, Interactive Graphics, Analysis and Visualization of Deformable Bodies) Besides, I have written many programs / tutorials for publishers and been among winners of major programming contests hosted by SUN and IBM. How often can you find in average consultants with this calibre?
    There are several places where you can try to find your free answers, e.g. USENET newsgroups, web search. (although you usually find irrelevant info, more questions than answers, or even incorrect solutions.)

  9. Do your programs run in my web browsers?
    GetJava Download Button They should run on all current browsers and platforms. Since they are compatible with JDK 1.1, they can even run web browsers even from several years ago. After you copy all the necessary files onto your web directory, people visiting your site do not need any additional software installation. If you cannot see any demos at our site, you probably have Java option disabled (Tools-Internet Options-Advanced-Java in Internet Explorer) or your PC is not shipped with pre-installed Java support. You should blame on Microsoft, not us. You can download Java by clicking on the button on the right.

  10. Can I get the applet source code?
    Everything has a price. (Isn't that why we have the Internet? :-) ) Check out the "Pricing Section" first or contact TJM directly for more info. Please expect the price to be at least around 10 - 20 times as the single User License charge.

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