ezgui (version: 2002.03.08)

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[Description]: This is a collection of Java GUI APIs for programmers. The demo program is available in ezgui.java.
P.S. Internet Explorer is possibly not displaying the tab correctly.

[Parameters]: Check out the respective GUI's documentation in HTML (SUN JDK's "javadoc" style)

[Tips]: Move the mouse onto the GUI components for testing.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • ezgui.html - this demo
  • ezguitm.gif - ezgui logo
  • ezgui*.class - ezgui classes
  • ezgui*.html - ezgui API descriptions
  • ezgui.java - sample program of using ezgui APIs
  • *.gif *.jpg - image files
  • Possible Improvements: