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eChessboard (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This is an implementation of a web-based electronic chess board written in Java. A number of customizable parameters are available, including main panel / button / cell / border colors, cell size, border width, background image, and audio files. (Basic king-side and queen-side castling is supported.)

[Tips]: Upper left corner shows the turn of the current player. Click and drag a candidate checker piece to make your move. When one of the two kings is eliminated, game will be ended.

Parameter Value Description
applet width
applet height
regcoderegistration code
loadingloading screen display toggle: 1 = yes, otherwise = no
bgimagebackground image (fill in "none" if no bg image)
bgcolorbackground color: R G B
fgcolorforeground color: R G B
buttonbgbutton background color: R G B
buttoncapbutton caption
timerpostimer position: x y
lightcolorlight cell color: R G B
darkcolordark cell color: R G B
cellsizecell size
borderborder width
bordercolorborder color: R G B
audiofile1checker-move audio filename
audiofile2illegal-move audio filename

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[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • eChessboard.html - this example
  • eChessboard*.jpg .gif - sample checker and background images
  • eChessboard.jar - all program classes are here
  • eChessboard*.au - sample audio files
  • Possible Improvements: