Table Tennis Time
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  • Version: 2.48 (history)

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  • This app is NOT a game. Instead, this is an info tool for tournament-level table tennis players to check ratings / tourneys / clubs / umpires / coaches as well as some basic info from ITTF world rankings and events. It can also act as a scoreboard / coaching pad / scouting assistant.
  • NOTE 1: Data are collected and organized from public sites like YouTube, Wikipedia, USATT, ITTF and we do not claim any affiliations. Credit goes to these sites.
  • NOTE 2: Geocoding service from Google is occasionally intermittent, so if you see '???' on the map, please disregard the result.
  • NOTE 3: Our proud sponsors are MegaSpin (15/14/13/12), Paddle Palace (15/12), Newgy (15/12), Zeropong (14), and Vinqui (12)

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  • Publisher Contact: androidlet at

  • Platform: Google's Android SDK 3.0

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    Simple select or enter your search options and view the results in the list or on the map.

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    Possible Future Improvements:
  • Google's geocoding seems unreliable, so sometimes map service is not responding. Hope to find a better solution later.
  • Add saved list, world rankings, player photo search, etc
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