Stereogram Riddle
Software Info:
  • Version: 1.33 (history)

  • Description:
  • game of guessing auto-generated stereograms which are optical depth illusions hiding 3-D objects or text inside the textures
  • options for textures, depth objects

  • Publisher Name:

  • Publisher Contact: androidlet at

  • Platform: Google's Android SDK 1.6

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  • Instructions / Screenshots / Videos:
    Fine-tune the aligned feature points (eyes, nose tip, lip corners) further by hand to get better results. Try to get the better front-face close-up shot.




    Answer: object

    Answer: text

    Possible Future Improvements:
  • Add timer
  • Add quality settings for easy viewing
  • References:
  • Android at
  • Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project at

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