Raw Object Viewer
Software Info:
  • Version: 1.25 (history)

  • Description:
  • simple 3-D raw object renderer
  • supported formats: .OFF and our .ROV
  • options for user file, frame color, transparent / opaque background, wireframe / solid modes

  • Publisher Name: http://www.androidlet.com

  • Publisher Contact: androidlet at Gmail.com

  • Platform: Google's Android SDK 2.2

  • Android Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.androidlet.rawobjectviewer
  • Instructions / Screenshots / Videos:
    Touch and drag the object to rotate. Here are 4 sample data files in .ROV format you can download for reference: helicopter.rov , face.rov , cube.rov , diamond.rov

    Format in each data file:
    line 1: title
    line 2: ncolors npoints nlines ntriangles
    lines with 'c': R G B
    lines with 'p': x_float y_float z_float
    lines with 'l': point_index1 point_index2 optional_color
    lines with 't': point_index1 point_index2 point_index3 optional_color

    NOTE: assume counterclockwise coords for triangles

    Solid View

    Wireframe View


    Possible Future Improvements:
  • Support more open formats (.OBJ .3DS, etc)
  • References:
  • Android Developers http://developer.android.com

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