Photo Droid
Software Info:
  • Version: 1.94 (history)

  • Description:
  • app to retouch photos from built-in camera, file folder or web links
  • options for sharing, setting as wallpapers, free-form painting, geotag
  • one-click processing for sharpening, saturation, rotation, brightening, tinting, contrast, cropping, or fx effects

  • Publisher Name:

  • Publisher Contact: androidlet at

  • Platform: Google's Android SDK 2.2

  • Android Play Store:
  • Instructions / Screenshots / Videos:

    Main View


    Crop Mode

    Finger Mode

    Sample Effect

    Sample Effect

    Possible Future Improvements:
  • It can incorporate popular communication tools to upload results directly to specific targets, e.g. mobile devices, or online photo services like Picasa.
  • More image operators, including special effects can be added. There are several of them being considered.
  • Performace tuning and flexibility of different screen sizes can be taken into account for specific devices.
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