Checkers Across Devices
Software Info:
  • Version: 1.19 (history)

  • Description:
  • game of American checkers across Android devices with Gmail accounts
  • options for background and board colors, chess sets, chat functionality, and potential move display

  • Publisher Name:

  • Publisher Contact: androidlet at

  • Platform: Google's Android SDK 1.6

  • Android Play Store:
  • Instructions / Screenshots / Videos:
  • Hit the "Menu" button and select "Settings" to choose a different chess set or board colors.
  • Set up your own Gmail info first and then opponent's Gmail account info with the buttons. Opponent's dialog is designed with the auto-complete feature that will show your friend's email after you type in the first few characters.
  • If you can't connect the first time, try to send a chat message to each other and retry. (Or on the device, click on ""Google Talk". From its "Menu" button, select "Add friend")

  • Main View


    Myself Setup

    Opponent Setup

    New Chess Set

    Possible Future Improvements:
  • Make computer play as opponent.
  • Connect with popular online checkers services.
  • Allow people to be by-standers.
  • References:
  • Android at
  • Android - An Open Handset Alliance Project at

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