VisualEffectLight (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: The animation button applet takes one input image and performs real-time visual effect by a moving light.

[Tips]: Try to move your mouse slowly into the image or click to link to a URL if any.


Parameter Value Description
regcoderegistration code
imageimage filename
image width
image height
loadingloading screen display toggle: 1 = yes, otherwise = no
borderborder width
delaydelay between animation in milliseconds
followmousefollow the mouse when mouse is over (1=yes, 0 =no)
urlURL address when mouse is clicked (fill in 'none' if you do not want to link to anywhere)
lightrlight color's red channel
lightglight color's green channel
lightblight color's blue channel
radiuslight radius
steprandom center if 0
not random if not 0

Auto-generated code to be inserted into your HTML page:

P.S. Copy all necessary *.jar, images (e.g. *.gif or *.jpg), and data files (e.g. *.txt) to your web directory and embed the above code into your own HTML file.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • VisualEffectLight.html - this example
  • VisualEffectLight.jpg - test image
  • VisualEffectLight.jar - main program
  • Possible Improvements: