VirtuallyFit (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This Java applet implements a virtual fitting tool by overlaying one correctly-transformed transparent and draggable object over a background target. Scaling, brightness control, and rotation are supported.

[Tips]: Select one of the on-top objects from the drop-down menu. In this example, it is a hat. Use the mouse to drag and the toolbar to manipulate on-top object.

Parameter Value Description
width of the applet
height of the applet
regcoderegistration code
bgpanel background color: R G B
fgpanel foreground color: R G B
tooltoolbar location: X Y
style0 = vertical, otherwise horizontal
image0 main image at the bottom (see object format below)
nimgtotal on-top object images
setup for all objects

Format: image name|caption|location x y|scale in percent|brightness in percent

Auto-generated code to be inserted into your HTML page:

P.S. Copy all necessary *.jar, images (e.g. *.gif or *.jpg), and data files (e.g. *.txt) to your web directory and embed the above code into your own HTML file.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • VirtuallyFit.html - this file
  • VirtuallyFit.jar - VirtuallyFit program classes
  • VirtuallyFit*.jpg *.gif - sample object, background, and button images
  • Possible Improvements: