V-pack (version: 2008.10.24)

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[Description]: V-pack includes a series of web-based Java buttons with real-time visual effects that can be used to enhance your web site. These programs include comments in HTML examples for easy testing and installation. Use a web browser and open the main menu V-pack.html or open the individual HTML file in each subdirectory. To get the latest version of these programs, check out the website at: "The J Maker" at http://www.thejmaker.com/

[Program Listing]:
Program Version Description
VisualEffectBlossom 2006.07.15 blossom animation
VisualEffectConvex 2006.07.15 convex lens animation
VisualEffectCube 2006.07.15 image cube animation
VisualEffectCylinder 2006.07.15 image cylinder animation
VisualEffectEmboss 2006.07.15 emboss animation
VisualEffectFade 2006.07.15 fade animation
VisualEffectFire 2006.07.15 fire effect
VisualEffectFireworks 2006.07.15 firework effect
VisualEffectFlag 2006.07.15 waving flag animation
VisualEffectFog 2006.07.15 fog effect
VisualEffectGlass 2006.07.15 glass animation
VisualEffectHole 2006.07.15 moving hole animation
VisualEffectImpress 2006.07.15 impressionistic animation
VisualEffectLayer 2006.07.15 multi-layer animation
VisualEffectLight 2006.07.15 moving light animation
VisualEffectLightning 2006.07.15 lightning effect
VisualEffectLine 2006.07.15 line rotation animation
VisualEffectMotion 2006.07.15 motion blur animation
VisualEffectRain 2006.07.15 rain effect
VisualEffectRaise 2006.07.15 block-raising animation
VisualEffectRipple 2006.07.15 ripple animation
VisualEffectScroll 2006.07.15 scroll animation
VisualEffectSmoke 2007.12.12 smoke effect
VisualEffectSnow 2006.07.15 snow effect
VisualEffectSphere 2008.10.24 sphere mapping animation
VisualEffectStars 2006.07.15 stars effect
VisualEffectStretch 2006.07.15 image stretching animation
VisualEffectTerrain 2006.07.15 terrain animation
VisualEffectTint 2006.07.15 color changing animation
VisualEffectTwirl 2006.07.15 twirl animation
VisualEffectVanish 2006.07.15 vanish animation
VisualEffectVibrate 2006.07.15 vibrate animation
VisualEffectWater 2007.12.25 water animation
VisualEffectWave 2006.07.15 waterwave reflection animation
VisualEffectWrinkle 2006.07.15 wrinkle animation

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • V-pack.html - this file
  • V-pack-README.txt - a brief readme file
  • folders containing individual programs
  • Possible Improvements: