ThreeDimView (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This Java applet implements a color three-D object viewer with shaded, hidden-line, and wireframe displaying options. Simple back-face culling, depth cueing, and z-buffer for hidden surface removal are used. Several parameters are provided, including initial position, spinning mode, displaying mode, scale, overall transparency, etc.

If you have a mobile device running Google's Android platform, then there is an equivalent version for this app called Raw Object Viewer , which can be found in Android's Market.

[Parameters]: Four sample data files are provided (ThreeDimView_blocks.txt, ThreeDimView_helicopter_1.txt, ThreeDimView_helicopter_n.txt, and ThreeDimView_face.txt). Edit one of the data files (or create your own) according to the format in the commented HTML example. (Cut and paste the code in this commented HTML example, ThreeDimView.html)

[Tips]: Play with those buttons. They should be self-explanatory.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • ThreeDimView.html - this file
  • ThreeDimView.jar - main ThreeDimView program
  • ThreeDimView*.txt - sample data files
  • ThreeDimView_b*.gif - button images
  • Possible Improvements:
  • Add primitive shapes for easy construction
  • Add transparency property for subparts
  • Support STL format