Sprites (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This is a Java applet that animates multiple Sprites in the scene. You can add your own Sprites and set up control for each of them.

[Tips]: Move the mouse to pause the animation or click to link to the specified URL.

Parameter Value Description
applet width
applet height
regcoderegistration code
fpsframes per second
bgcolorbackground color: R G B
borderborder width (0 = border)
urllink address when mouse is clicked
totaltotal number of Sprites
setup for individual Sprites:
format with | seperator: f1|f2|f3|f4|f5
f1: sprite image (filename)
f2: start x and y (coordinates)
f3: speed x and y (negative means left; otherwise right
f4: random speed x and y(1 or 0)
f5: wrap-around option (1 or 0)

Auto-generated code to be inserted into your HTML page:

P.S. Copy all necessary *.jar, images (e.g. *.gif or *.jpg) to your web directory and embed the above code into your own HTML file.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • Sprites.html - this example with comments on param usage
  • Sprites.jar - main program class
  • sprite*.gif *.jpg - sample sprite images
  • Possible Improvements: