ScrollUp (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This is a Java scrolling applet with several cool features that can enhance your web site. At a specified rate, it reads and reloads from a file and supports auto-wrapped text and images. You can set colors, font face / style / size, left / right / center alignments, Unicode characters, web address links, scrolling speed, background image, frame image, margins, shadow / outline effects, pause time, etc.

[Parameters]: Cut and paste the code in this commented HTML exmaple, ScrollUp.html and open the file ScrollUp.txt to see how keywords are used. The followings are a brief list of the keywords.

Keyword Format Description
color <color_R_G_B> ... </color> R, G, B, are color components 0..255
link <link_URL_frame> ... </link> URL is the web address and frame is the target frame
Frame options are as follows
"self" = current frame
"parent" = parent frame
"top" = top-most frame
"blank" = new unnamed top-level frame
"x" = new top-level frame named "x"
font <font_face_style_size> ... </font> style (0 = plain, 1 = bold, 2 = italic, 3 = bold and italic)
align <align_pos> ... </align> pos (left, right, or center)
break <break> line break
pause <pause_time> time is in milliseconds
image <image_filename> filename is either in GIF or JPG
effect <effect_type_R_G_B> ... </effect> effect (shadow or outline), R G B are the color of background
u <u_unicode> unicode is the number

[Tips]: Move the mouse onto items and you may find some hot links.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • ScrollUp.html - this example with comments on param usage
  • ScrollUp*.jpg ScrollUp*.gif - sample frame, background, and misc images
  • ScrollUp.jar - main program containing all the classes
  • ScrollUp.txt - sample data file
  • Possible Improvements: