(Example 1: No prize or value can be redeemed)

(Example 2: Used with permission of www.TigerTrains.com No prize or value can be redeemed)
ScratchOffCard (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This Java applet uses your favorite image with scratch-off areas as the ticket background and makes it a fun lottery game.

[Tips]: Click and drag the coin to scratch off the boxes. Once it reaches a specified percentage of the coverage of a box, it will link to a URL.
P.S. Please note that this is only a sample. No rewards are redeemable.

Parameter Value Description
regcoderegistration code
loadingloading screen display toggle: 1 = yes, otherwise = no
cardscratch-off card image filename
scratch-off card image width
scratch-off card image height
toolscratch-off tool image filename
audioscratch-off audio filename
scsizescratch size in pixels
boxccolor of the scratchable boxes: R G B
boxbgbackground under scratchable boxes: R G B
Use "-1 -1 -1" for transparent background
boxfgforeground under scratchable boxes: R G B
boxdimdimensions of the scratchable boxes: width height
nboxestotal number of scratchable boxes
coordinates for all boxes: x y
nprizestotal number of all possible prizes
winning probabilities of all prizes (value between 0 and 1)
captions of all prizes
links of all prizes
'|' seperates gameover URL and target frame
* fill in "none" for URL if you don't want to link to anywhere
* target frame options are as follows
_self = current frame
_parent = parent frame
_top = top-most frame
_blank = new unnamed top-level frame
x = new top-level frame named x

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[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • ScratchOffCard.html - this example
  • ScratchOffCardbg.jpg - sample ticket image
  • ScratchOffCardtool.gif - sample scratch tool image
  • ScratchOffCard.au - sample scratch audio
  • ScratchOffCard.jar - ScratchOffCard program classes
  • Possible Improvements: