RotateInfo (version: 2007.01.07)

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[Description]: This Java applet implements a simple info rotator. Text is read from a file and auto-wrapped around the width of the text area. Data from a text file will be re-opened at a specified refresh rate. Colors, fonts, title shape, shadows, and links for each item are configurable.

[Parameters]: Edit the data file (RotateInfo.txt or your own filename) according to the format in the commented HTML example. (Cut and paste the code in this commented HTML example, RotateInfo.html)

[Tips]: Move the mouse over to pause the info window or click to link to a URL.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • RotateInfo.html - this file
  • RotateInfo.jar - main program with all the classes
  • RotateInfo.txt - sample data file
  • Possible Improvements: