PickFinal (version: 2011.07.31)

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[Description]: This Java applet implements a fully configurable board game won by picking up the last object. Each turn you need to pick up 1 - 3 objects. Whoever gets the last object wins.

[Tips]: Click "Take One" to pick up one object and so on. To start a new game, click on the 'Restart' button.

Parameter Value Description
regcoderegistration code
titleimagetitle image file: fill in "none" if no image
gameimageboard image file for the game
board image width
board image height
movefileaudio filename for a move
errorfileaudio filename for an error
overfileaudio filename for gameover
panelbgpanel background color: R G B
panelfgpanel foreground color: R G B
buttonbgbutton background color: R G B
buttonfgbutton foreground color: R G B
playercrosscolorplayer's cross line color: R G B
computercrosscolorcomputer's cross line color: R G B
magicnumbertotal number of objects in the game
gridwidthwidth for each grid cell
gridheightheight for each grid cell
NewGameTexttext string for starting a new game
TakeOneTexttext string for taking one object
TakeTwoTexttext string for taking two objects
TakeThreeTexttext string for taking three objects
WinTexttext string for a player win
LoseTexttext string for a player loss

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[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • PickFinal.html - this file
  • PickFinal.jar - PickFinal program classes
  • PickFinal*.au - sample audio files
  • PickFinal*.gif - sample image files
  • Possible Improvements: