<-- panel background color: R G B --> <-- panel foreground color: R G B --> <-- button background color: R G B --> <-- button foreground color: R G B -->

MagicCube (version: 2007.11.23)

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[Description]: This Java applet implements a fully configurable photo Rubik cube. You can supply your own photos and turn them into a fun 3-D puzzle cube. All captions are customizable as well.

PS. You would probably see random rendering issues.

[Tips]: Click on a corner piece and drag a row or column to turn. Click on a non-corner piece to rotate the cube. To start a new game, click the 'Start' button. To view the final cube, press 'Solve'.

Parameter Value Description
width of the applet
height of the applet
regcode registration code
loading toggle to display the loading message (0 = do not display)
scramblestart toggle to start with a scrambled mode (1 to enable)
solvebutton toggle to show the 'Solve' button (0 to disable)
border border width
panelbg panel background color: R G B
panelfg panel foreground color: R G B
buttonbg button background color: R G B
buttonfg button foreground color: R G B
cubesize side length od the cube
mode displace mode (0 = image, otherwise = solid color)
face0 cube face 0: filename|color R G B
face1 cube face 1: filename|color R G B
face2 cube face 2: filename|color R G B
face3 cube face 3: filename|color R G B
face4 cube face 4: filename|color R G B
face5 cube face 5: filename|color R G B
linkto '|' seperates gameover URL and target frame
* fill in "none" for URL if you don't want to link to anywhere
* target frame options are as follows
_self = current frame
_parent = parent frame
_top = top-most frame
_blank = new unnamed top-level frame
x = new top-level frame named x
NewGameText text string for starting a new game
SolvePuzzleText text string for revealing the puzzle
CountText text string before counts
BestText text string before the best record
FinishText text string when game is over

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[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • MagicCube.html - this file
  • MagicCube.jar - MagicCube program classes
  • MagicCube*.au - sample audio files
  • MagicCube*.jpg - sample photo files
  • Possible Improvements:
  • make drag region more responsive
  • fix the image burring issue when dragging too fast