<-- 'New' button position: x y --> <-- score position: x y --> <-- engery bar position: x y --> <-- engery bar width and height -->

LaserEyes (version: 2007.05.05)

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[Description]: This is a fun Java shooting game. Supply your own photo as the background and place the eyes wherever you want. Sprites are also completely customizable in speed and directions.

[Tips]: Mouse your mouse over the bug and click to emit the laser beam. When the eyes are hit more than 10 times, game is over.

Parameter Value Description
regcode registration code
image image filename
image width
image height
loading loading screen display toggle: 1 = yes, otherwise = no
border border width
delay delay between animation in milliseconds
newpos 'New' button position: x y
scorepos score position: x y
barpos engery bar position: x y
barsize engery bar width and height
whiteradius radius of eye's white part
blackradius radius of eye's black part
lefteye left eye coordinates: x y
righteye right eye coordinates: x y
panelbg panel background color: R G B
panelfg panel foreground color: R G B
buttonbg button background color: R G B
buttonfg button foreground color: R G B
lasercolor color of laser beam: R G B
laserfile laser audio filename
bugfile sprite hit audio filename
hitfile eye hit audio filename
retry flag to allow retry: 1 = yes, otherwise = no
NewGameText text for 'New' button
RetryText text for the retry button
ScoreText text for the score
BestText text for the high score
OverText text for game over
linkto '|' seperates gameover URL and target frame
* fill in "none" for URL if you don't want to link to anywhere
* target frame options are as follows
_self = current frame
_parent = parent frame
_top = top-most frame
_blank = new unnamed top-level frame
x = new top-level frame named x
total total number of sprites
setup for individual sprites:
format with | seperator: f1|f2|f3|f4|f5
f1: sprite image (filename)
f2: start x and y (coordinates)
f3: speed x and y (negative means left; otherwise right
f4: random speed x and y(1 or 0)
f5: max tolerent hit

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[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • LaserEyes.html - this example
  • LaserEyes*.jpg *.gif - sample images
  • LaserEyes*.au - sample audio files
  • LaserEyes.jar - main classes
  • Possible Improvements: