Faces (version: 2008.10.05)

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[Description]: This Java applet can morph through a series of face images that have specified feature points. See the dynamic changes of geometrical features and color intensities.

[Tips]: Click to link to a URL if any.

Parameter Value Description
applet width
applet height
regcoderegistration code
nframesnumber of total animation frames between 2 faces
delaydelay between frames in milliseconds
urlURL address when mouse is clicked (fill in 'none' if you do not want to link to anywhere)
nfacestotal number of faces
face image format: f0|f1|f2|f3|f4|f5|f6
f0: face image filename
f1: coords for left eye center
f2: coords for right eye center
f3: coords for nose tip
f4: coords for left lip tip
f5: coords for middle lip tip
f6: coords for right lip tip
pausepause at each face image in milliseconds

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[Package Info]:
  • File Description:
  • Faces.html - this example with comments on param usage
  • Faces*.jpg - sample face images
  • Faces.jar - main program containing classes
  • Possible Improvements: