EffectMenuLight (version: 2006.07.15)

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[Description]: This Java menu applet takes one input image containing all the menu items and performs real-time moving light animation.

[Parameters]: menu image filename, delay, light radius, motion radius, light color, text toggle, menu box option, text color, font size, zoom scale, menu box range, URL, text, target HTML frame (Cut and paste the code in this commented HTML exmaple, EffectMenuLight.html)

[Tips]: Slowly move the mouse onto the menu items to see the animation or click to link to URLs.

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • EffectMenuLight.html - this example with comments on param usage
  • EffectMenuLight.jar - main EffectMenuLight program
  • EffectMenuLight.gif - sample menu image
  • Possible Improvements: