D-pack (version: 2007.08.27)

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[Description]: D-pack includes a series of web-based Java data viewer programs that can be used for your web site. These programs include live stock and news fetcher, powerball viewer, line chart, vertical bar chart, pie chart, sortable list and provide sample HTML codes for easy testing and installation. Use a web browser and open the HTML file in each subdirectory. To get the latest version of these programs, check out the website at: "The J Maker" at http://www.thejmaker.com/D-pack.html

[Program Listing]:
Program Version Description
ChartBarVertical 2006.07.15 a vertical bar chart
ChartLine 2006.07.15 a line chart
ChartPie 2006.07.15 a pie chart
LiveNewsRSS 2007.05.07 a live news viewer
LiveStockQuotes 2007.02.18 a live stock quotes viewer
PowerNumbers 2007.08.27 a powerball viewer
SortableData 2006.07.15 a sortbale data viewer

[Package Info]:
  • File Descriptions:
  • D-pack.html - this file
  • D-pack-README.txt - a brief readme file
  • folders containing individual programs
  • Possible Improvements: